Hatzimichali Estate – Atalanti

Hatzimichali Estate is a family-run winery located in the Atalanti Valley, in Central Greece.
In this place we created a unique viticultural mosaic with 2200 acres of privately owned vineyards, where cosmopolitan and Greek varieties are grown.
For the Hatzimichalis Estate, wine is primarily a cultural asset. With this as a principle, we actively participate in cultural events and make a significant contribution to the study of the history of wine.
In 1995 he started creating publications related to wine culture, which are addressed to teachers, wine lovers, experts, but also to anyone else who wants to learn about wine and its culture.
In the modern, visitable winery of the Estate, a substantial acquaintance of the visitor with the wine culture is achieved. Its innovative design combines industrial spaces with museum islands and small exhibitions dedicated to the history of wine and its production processes.

Contact: +30 22330 23172 forum@hatzimichalis.gr

Papoutsi Estate-Atalanti 

Papoutsi Estate is a Viticultural and Wine Company located in Atalanti, Fthiotida Prefecture.

It vinifies the grapes (chardonnay-assyrtiko-malagouzia-rhodite-merlot-cabernet s.) Of its vineyards that have been organically grown for 20 years. It has a capacity of 30 tons and can be visited by arrangement. Produces 2 bottled organic PGI wines, Locri Earth white from Malagouzia and Chardonnay and Rigma from Merlot.

TEL .: +30 6977097728 / +30 2233022508

Evabelos Earth – Domokos

Four friends, anxious creative and multifaceted guys, with a common place not only their country of origin, but also the strong vision and love for good wine, combined their abilities and goals with the intention and desire to create a wine range from great wines, which promote not only the indigenous wealth but also the principles of a great wine for complexity, taste and balance. Thus, in 2000, the Evapelos Gi Estate was founded, a name that was not chosen at random, since its uniquely distinct terroir transforms its wine vision into a prominent tasting reality.

Larisis 6, Domokos Fthiotida t.k. 35010

Tel: +30 22320 23232
Fax: +30 22320 23632

Mail: evampelosghi@yahoo.gr & info@evampelosghi.gr

Organic Wines Tzivani – Ritsona

The Tzivani family has been engaged in the cultivation and vinification of the finest grape varieties since 1982. Lovers of good wine, planted in their own organic vineyards in Ritsona and Arma, Boeotia, a total area of ​​280 acres, high quality Greek and foreign varieties, such as Malagouzia, Agiorgitiko, Athiri, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, .a.
The vineyards of the estate are located in an area of ​​unparalleled beauty, known since antiquity for its microclimate, ideal for the production of excellent wines. The altitude differences and the composition of the soil, contribute to the complexity and uniqueness of the flavors and aromas that distinguish the wines of the Tzivani estate.

Winery Address: Ritsona Avlida, 34100, Chalkida, Evia Greece, Tel. +30 699 2533000

Erivolos Fthia – Kallidromos Fthiotida 

“Erivolos Fthia” is a garage family winery located in the heart of the Kallidromo mountain range and in the homonymous village of Kallidromo, Fthiotida. The goal is to highlight unique wines from our vineyards.
All stages of production are completely controlled by our family and this makes our wines have a personality.
We create superior quality wines, in a limited number of bottles, with rare vinifications to highlight our place, in the best way.

Contact: ERIVOLOS FTHIA, KALLIDROMOS FTHIOTIDA, 35009 GREECE, info@erivolosfthia.gr, TEL. +30 6937 26 26 42

La Tour Melas- Achinos Fthiotida

The vineyard of La Tour Melas is located in the village of Achinos, Central Greece.
The terroir with sloping terraces consists of alluvial pebbles of the Quaternary and rises up to 200 meters above sea level, separated only two kilometers. These gravels are mainly composed of clay, sand, gravel and limestone coastal complexes.

The subsoil, more complex and appearing on the surface, from place to place on the various rounded hilltops, is a reflection of an ancient history of Greece with its marine sedimentary origins, which changed with folds. This subsoil may include shales, silicate deposits and black limestone dating back to the Mesozoic.

Of the ten hectares now owned by La Tour Melas, only three grow red Cabernet Franc and Merlot vines. The first vines were planted in 2001.

Contact: La Tour Melas, 35300, Achinos, Tel: +30 694 28 58 839 E-mail: info@latourmelas.com

Pantra Wine – Molos Fthiotida

Thus, in 2003-2004, with the establishment of a Winery in Molos, where the vineyards are located, which is why it was named “Moliotikos Oinos”, a new course began, setting high goals in the quality of wine.
The equipment consists of state-of-the-art machines for excellent results.
Always faithful to tradition, no pesticides or fertilizers are used, so that the final product that reaches your glass does not contain harmful substances. That is why the wines produced are certified by DIO (Organic Products Certification Organization).
Two types of wine are produced, white and red. Both wines are distinguished for their delicate characteristic aroma and rich taste.
We want a wine that reflects the pure taste of fresh grapes. In this effort we use our own healthy grapes, which we grow organically, by the sea, under the hot sun. In practice, this means that our wines are living products that are slowly affected by time.

Contact: Production and sales manager: Pantras Christos, Address: Molos Fthiotidas | Postal code: 35009, Tel: +30.22350.51477

Kastanas Vineyard – Regini, Fthiotida

Here, in Regini, we cultivate the vineyard with special care and respect for the environment.

With faith and devotion to the winemaking culture of our country, but using modern winemaking methods, we produce quality wines that perfectly represent the place. The Kastana family aims at the stable production of high quality wines, which is contributed by the suitable soil and climatic conditions that prevail in the region.

Our family vineyards were cultivated for the annual domestic production of wine.

Contact: Ioannou Metaxas Regini, Molos, 35009, Tel: 697 288 6144 gkstnas@rocketmail.com

Hartodiplomenos Winery – Lamia Fthiotida

The Hartodiplomenos family has been involved in the cultivation of vines for a long time.

Grandfather Hercules was the first in 1897 to plant, cultivate vineyards, winemaking and marketing wine in his tavern.

In modern times the family has been cultivating vineyards since 1960. As a continuation of viticulture comes the establishment of the winery in 2012 giving great attention to winemaking and the production of quality wines with techniques such as pre-fermentation extraction and cold fermentation, produces quality table wines and varieties.

Contact: Fratzomylos, Lamia, 35100, Tel .: 2231096298