Asopos Hiking

Hiking in the famous canyon of the river Asopos.

The Asopos River is a small river that starts near the highest peaks of Oiti.

After a few kilometers, the water reaches high speed and crosses the rocks forming a beautiful canyon. Ideal for summer hiking and swimming.
Hiking hours: 6:00 (12km)
Kamena Vourla – Skamnos: 30 minutes by bus

Upon request.

Path Efialtis

Get to know the history and the beauty of central Greece

Stroll around the paths of the mythical hero Hercules. Visit Thermopyles the statue of Leonidas. You are going to walk through the very same path Efialtis, the head chief of the Persian army, defeated the Greeks, see the beauty of the national park of Parnassos and Oiti. Welcome to the central of Greece. You are going to love it!!

Day 1:

Departure from the hotel. We are going to see were the battle of Thermopyles took place. The hiking starts a bit higher, at the «path of Efialtis». It is said that this is the path that Efialtis lead Xerxis and his Persian army to defeat Leonidas and his army of 300. The view from the path is panoramic so we can see the place of the battle and let your imagination to fly to the whole matter that took place 2500 years ago.

Hiking hours: 6:00 (16km) Altitude deference: +500m

Visit the statue of Leonidas and the place of battle. Next to this there are streams of natural thermal healing water. If you wish you can bathe into nature pools.

Day 2:

Hiking at the «Path of Railway». At the end of the 19th century a French company built the Greek railway. The area of mount Kallidromo was difficult to go to nevertheless to built something there, so they had to take the equipment to the places, trough some paths, therefore the «Path of Railway». It is a path sculpted on the rock next to cliffs and through tunnels.

Hiking hours: 4:30 (11km) Altitude deference: +290m

Day 3:

Hiking on mount Kallidromo. With start point the village Eleftherohori at 900 m above the sea the path takes us to a magical lake at 1150m. Surrounding the lake are tall and old trees. To continue our hike, we go further up the mountain to the top. The view from the top Paliovoros is fantastic. From there you can see all the mountains of central Greece (Parnassos 2455m., Vardoussia 2495m., Giona 2510m. etc).

Hiking hours: 4:30 (10km) Altitude deference: +400m

Upon request.