Pelion train “o Mountzouris”

At the old station in the village of Milies, Pelion, runs one of the most picturesque trains of the Greek railway tradition, the well-known Moutzouris. Moutzouris comes to us from the end of the 19th century please and specifically from the distant 1896 when the line was completed it connected Volos with Lechonia. The rest of the section up to the station in Milies was delivered in 1903.

The train of Pelion today does not start from Volos, but you will see parts of the lines on the coastal road from Volos to Milies, but from Ano Lechonia (12 km from Volos) in the direction of the picturesque Milies. The length of the route is 16 km.

The best way to get to Milia station from the center of the village is to follow the downhill cobblestone path that starts just below the main square of Milia. The uphill return will be a bit tiring while if you are with friends one can go to the station by car and go up again to the center of the village all together.

A journey that you can now enjoy through the windows of the old wooden wagons of the Pelion train from April until about the end of October every year.

You can combine your walk, a tsipouro and a meze on the beach of Volos.

For more information about the days and hours of departure and arrival from and to the stations in Ano Lechonia and Milies, contact TRAINOSE at tel. Fax 24210-39723, at 14511 and email: