The Park of Pavliani

Hidden in a dense fir forest, at an altitude of just over a thousand meters, the hospitable Pavliani is waiting for travelers to discover it while enjoying the landscape and the west on the slopes of Oiti.

The beautiful verdant village of Fthiotida is divided into two districts, Kato and Ano Pavliani, which are about 1-2 km away. Entering the lower settlement you will find the monument which is dedicated to the Fallen of the battle of Pavliani in 1942. In the traditional Ano Pavliani dominates the church of Agios Athanasios with the wood-carved iconostasis and the famous restored bell tower of the 19th century. The stone Museum of Hydrokinesis is also worth a visit, which houses the Sawmill, the Watermill, the Mantani and the Water Mill.

In recent years, Pavliani has been developing as a tourist destination and offers many options to visitors. Good food, accommodation in traditional hostels and of course a tour of the paths of Oiti for sports and / or leisure.

Nearby is the amusement park, in the woods, with hammocks, swings, wooden tables and shavings, for plenty of nature activities. Fir trees and running water act as a “sponge” for the fatigue and stress of everyday life and the aesthetic forest of Pavliani is waiting generously to give their “gifts” to hikers.

Pavliani is about 2.5 hours away from Athens and so it is a very good choice for a carefree weekend away from the city.

Address: Epar.Od. Oitis 59, Pavliani 351 00