The Ecological Policy of our hotel

With global warming and natural disasters intensifying day by day, our active involvement in protecting the environment for a better planet tomorrow is a matter for all of us.


Installation of solar panels that cover all the needs of the complex in hot water (economy 75%).

Use of energy saving lamps throughout the complex (economy25%).

Use of double glazed windows in all rooms.

Saving natural resources and energy

Low flow toilets

Use of low consumption lamps

Automatic power outage using a card / key

Efficient utilization of raw materials

Reuse of old and torn tablecloths as cleaning cloths.

Minimize waste and waste to the maximum extent.

Orders in large quantities where possible

Reusable detergent packaging.

Use of environmentally friendly materials.

Elimination of products that use propellant gas.

Constant effort to minimize the use of chemicals.


Continuous reduction of disposable products.

Strict regular inspection for maintenance and leaks.

Use of ecological fertilizers.

The hotel promotes the use of local waters.

In each room there is the possibility for each guest to support our campaign by determining the frequency of replacement of towels and linen

In order to achieve our environmental and social sustainability, we adopt:

Keep up to date on the ecological issues of your area

Train our staff regularly in environmental and social issues.

To actively promote sustainable tourism in our region.

To inform and seek to involve our customers in our environmental and social efforts.

To protect and promote the cultural heritage of our region.

To protect and promote local employment and entrepreneurship.

To provide a safe, healthy and pleasant working environment.

Provide fair rewards to all partners.

Our goal is:

Reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Invest in energy saving technologies.

Support local environmental programs.

Build a network of environmentally conscious businesses.

To make known the cultural events in our area.

Participate in local events, sports games.

To promote local entrepreneurship and employment.

Support environmentally conscious local producers.

Promote gender diversity and equality.

How to make your stay in a hotel more ecological

 Even if the hotel you have chosen for your stay does not have an ecological character, you can do the following:

inform the hotel reception that you do not wish to change your sheets and towels every day.

Do not let water run in the bathroom and limit the duration of your shower.

When leaving your room, be sure to turn off air conditioners, lights and electrical appliances.

Do not take shampoos, soaps, shower gels, etc. with you. offered by the hotel if you have not used them.

donate your newspapers and magazines to others after reading them.

find out about the ecological commitment of the hotel before making your reservation.