Terms & Conditions

1.General information
1.1.The owner and manager of Hotel Sissy is the company with the corporate name “XENODOCHEIAKAI -TOURISTIKAI EPICHEIRISEIS VASILEIOU GKIONI S.A.” (HOTEL AND TOURIST ENTERPRISES VASILEIOU GKIONI S.A.) and the distinctive title “XENODOCHEION SISSY”, established under the laws of Greece and headquartered at 35 Chalkokondyli Street, Athens, 10432, with the Greek Tax Identification Number 094044623.
1.2.Hotel Sissy is located at 41 Ippokratous Street, Kammena Vourla, 35008.
1.3.These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Greek law and any disputes hereunder shall be resolved by the courts of Athens.
2.1.“Hotel” means Hotel Sissy, as the establishment where accommodation and additional services are to be provided to Customers/ Guests, and may also refer to the hotel’s management, depending on the context.
2.2.“Customer” means a person who orders rooms and services from the Hotel, with whom a Contract is concluded.
2.3.“Guest” means a Customer, as well as the other people accommodated in the room or rooms of the Hotel ordered by a Customer.
2.4“Contract” means an agreement between the Hotel and a Customer for the provision of accommodation and additional services to them and their Guests during their stay at the Hotel, excluding Third-Party services. A Contract consists of: -the present General Terms & Conditions; -the details contained in the relevant Confirmation of reservation; -the Registration Form and the Privacy Statement; -the Privacy Policy.
2.5.“Third Parties” means external companies that provide their services to Customers and Guests during their stay at the Hotel such as airport transfers, flight ticket bookings, excursions, massages, water sports, souvenir shop, etc.
2.6.“Booking Agents” means tour operators, travel agencies, online travel agencies (OTA) and any other Third Parties that perform or facilitate the reservation process for a Customer.
2.7.“Confirmation of reservation” means the written acceptance by the Hotel of a Customer's reservation request, which determines the following details: prices, rates, arrival and departure dates, number of Guests, number and type of rooms, cancellation rights, and any additional services provided to the Customer and Guests.
2.8“Registration Form” means a document signed by the Customer upon their check-in at the Hotel’s reception specifying their name, surname, ID or passport number, home address, contact details, date of check in- and check- out, room number, and number of Guests.
2.9.“Privacy Statement” means an annex of the Registration Form containing the Privacy Policy.
2.10.“Privacy Policy” means the Hotel’s notice describing how the Hotel processes Customer's and Guests’ personal data and how it applies data protection principles in compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).
3.Services provided and obligations of the Hotel
3.1.The Hotel provides accommodation, as well as additional services indicated on its official website, in its mobile application and in the present General Terms and Conditions. Some of these services as provided directly by the Hotel, while others are offered by Third Parties.
3.2.Certain additional services provided by the Hotel or by Third Parties may be unavailable during certain periods. Before purchasing an additional service, Customers should confirm their availability and prices at the Hotel’s reception, or by contacting the Hotel by phone or e-mail.
3.3The Hotel is obliged to provide accommodation and any additional services booked by a Customer during the reservation process only after these have been confirmed by the Hotel in writing (Confirmation of reservation), regardless of the date of stay.
3.4.The Hotel is obliged to comply with health and safety regulations throughout the entire Hotel area, in accordance with the relevant legislation.
3.5.The hotel is obliged to comply with strict rules regarding the production and storage of food and beverages, in accordance with the relevant legislation.
4.1.Reservations at the Hotel can be made:
-via its official website: www.hotelsissy.gr;
-by e-mail: info@hotelsissy.gr;
-by phone: +30 2235022190;
-via a Booking Agent. A reservation through a Booking Agent does not result in a Contract being concluded between the Hotel and the Customer. Furthermore, the Hotel is not responsible for any additional services offered by Booking Agents if they are not indicated on its official website, subject to their availability (see clause 3.2.).
4.2.Reservations can only be made by persons who are at least eighteen (18) years old on the day of making the reservation.
4.3.If the reservation was made using a credit card and the total price for the reservation has not been paid in advance, the cardholder must be present during check-in.
4.4.The Customer is obliged to provide their personal and contact details indicated in the reservation process. This personal data must match the data on the Customer’s ID card or passport. The Customer is obliged to update contact details if they change. Failure to notify the Hotel about changes may result in failure to provide important information. In such a case, the Customer waives the right to notifications.
4.5.The Customer can book a specific room type, but not a specific room (number, floor).
4.6.The maximum number of rooms that a Customer can book is indicated in the reservation process. If the Customer wishes to book more rooms, they should contact the Hotel via e-mail at info@hotelsissy.gr or by phone at +30 2235022190.
4.7.The reservation made by the Customer should be considered confirmed upon receipt of a written Confirmation of reservation to the e-mail address provided in the reservation process. In the case of reservations through Booking Agents, the confirmation of the reservation is a message from them. The Hotel is not obliged to provide services if the Customer has not received confirmation of the reservation or if the Booking Agent’s confirmation does not reflect the contract concluded between the Hotel and the Booking Agent.
5.Payment terms
5.1.For the stay at the Hotel and for additional services ordered during the reservation process, e.g., meals, payment is accepted by card, cash, bank transfer and other methods indicated in the reservation process.
5.2.The payment policy is as follows:
-Non-refundable offers. These offers must be paid within the time indicated in the reservation process and in the event of cancellation, the Hotel has the right to retain the amount paid, whether it is the entire price for the reservation or an advance payment.
-Flexible offers. These offers must be paid within the time indicated in the reservation process and may be canceled based on the detailed conditions indicated in the reservation process.
In both cases, the Hotel has the right to pre-authorize the Customer’s credit card prior to their arrival for the amount due for the reservation.
5.3.The Customer is obliged to pay accommodation tax in the amount of zero point five euros (EUR 0.5) per day per room when checking out of the Hotel, or any amount envisaged each time in the applicable legislation. Payment can be made in cash or by payment card.
5.4.Receipts are issued by the Hotel for all payments made for accommodation and additional services. Customers who, instead of a receipt, wish to get an invoice (intended for official submission to the tax authorities), shall notify the Hotel at the time of making the reservation, or, the latest, at the time of arrival.
6.Cancelation & modification policy
6.1.For non-refundable offers: free cancellation is not possible. In the event of cancellation, no-show on the day of accommodation or modification of the reservation, the full amount (100%) of the reservation price will be retained.
6.2.For flexible offers: cancellation conditions depend on the date of stay, booking date and other factors, and these conditions are indicated in detail the reservation process.
6.3.In the case of a reservation made via the Hotel's official website www.hotelsissy.gr, by e-mail at info@hotelsissy.gr or by phone at +30 2235022190, the cancellation is considered effective when a written statement is sent to the e-mail address info@hotelsissy.gr, setting out the Customer’s decision to cancel their reservation and specifying their name, date of stay and reservation number.
6.4.In the case of reservations made through Booking Agents, cancellation can only be made through them on the terms indicated by them in their reservation process.
6.5.Modification of a reservation is only possible for flexible offers. A Customer wishing to modify their reservation, i.e., their dates of stay, room type, scope of services provided etc., must contact the hotel by e-mail at info@hotelsissy.gr or by phone at +30 2235022190. The modification is considered effective when the Customer receives written confirmation thereof and they pay any resulting price difference. The Hotel is not obliged to modify existing reservations.
6.6.The Hotel holds the right to cancel a reservation if the reservation price is not paid within the deadline indicated in the reservation process. The Hotel also holds the right to retain an advance payment if the full payment has not been made within the time specified in the reservation process. In the case of non-refundable offers, the Hotel reserves the right to collect the full amount from the Customer’s pre-authorized credit card.
6.7.The Hotel also holds the right to cancel a reservation if the Customer provided false personal and contact details during the reservation process or if the Hotel suspects that the Guests may disturb the operation of the Hotel, negatively affect its image or threaten the safety of other Guests and Hotel staff.
7.Hotel stay
7.1.The hotel day lasts from 2:00 p.m. (check-in) on the day of arrival to 10:00 a.m. (check-out) on the day of departure.
7.2.The Hotel is not obliged to provide a room before 2:00 p.m. on the day of check-in or to allow a stay longer than 10:00 a.m. on the day of check-out. If a Guest departs from their room later than 2.00 p.m., the Hotel holds the right to charge them with the price of an additional day of stay, based on the pricing that is in place on that day, whether the room is available for an extra day or not.
7.3.The Hotel may provide the option of early check-in or late check-out for an additional fee indicated in the reservation process.
7.4.Upon check-in, Customers are required confirm their identity by showing and letting the Hotel copy information from their passport and/or identity card, as well as to provide details of their home address. The information above may also be requested the Customer’s Guests, and the Hotel reserves the right to refuse entry to persons who cannot provide the information set out above. These records can and will be disclosed or made available for inspection to the Greek police and tax authorities, as per the applicable law.
7.5.Entrance to the rooms and common areas of the Hotel can be denied to non-registered Guests.
7.6.If a Customer or Guest does not arrive by 11 p.m. on the day of their stay without contacting the Hotel, the reservation may be deemed to have been cancelled by the Customer. In this case, the Hotel is entitled to retain the whole reservation price already paid or, in the case of partial advance payments, charge the Customer’s pre-authorized credit card with the remaining amount. Alternatively, the Hotel may retain only the partial advance payment and proceed to letting the room to another person.
8.Inability of the Hotel to provide a room according to the Confirmation of reservation
8.1.In the event that the Hotel is unable to fulfill the Confirmation of reservation by providing the specified room type, the Hotel will make every effort to accommodate the Customer and their Guests in a superior room category. If such room is not available and should the alternative room provided be of a lower standard compared to the originally reserved category, the Customer will be entitled to a reimbursement corresponding to the price differential.
8.2.Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if the Hotel is unable to find other accommodation for the Customer and their Guests, the Hotel will return the full price for the room to the Customer.
9.Damaged, lost & stolen items, luggage
9.1.The Hotel is not responsible for damaged, lost or stolen items belonging to Guests. Guests should protect their items, especially by locking their rooms when away and using the safe located in the room.
9.2.Valuable items and cash as well as Guests’ luggage may be stored by the Hotel if such arrangement has been made during the reservation process, or if the service is available during the stay of the Guests.
9.3.Guests should report the loss of items, especially valuable ones, immediately after discovering the fact to the Hotel’s reception.
9.4.If a theft is discovered, Guests should immediately notify the Hotel’s reception, which will make an appropriate report to the police.
9.5.All items found by the Hotel staff and Guests shall be stored for thirty (30) days from the date of discovery. After this period, they may be disposed of. Valuable items and cash shall be delivered to the nearest police station within seven(7)days of the date of discovery. If lost items or valuables are found after check-out, the Client and/or Guests are obliged to pay for the courier service and appropriate packaging and order collection of the parcel at a time agreed with the Hotel.
10.Damages to the Hotel’s property
The Customer and Guests are fully liable for any damage caused to their room and the common areas of the Hotel. If such damage is found, the Customer and Guests are obliged to cover the costs for repairing the damage. If damage is discovered after the Customer and Guests check out, the Hotel holds the right to charge the credit card of the Customer in the amount necessary to cover the costs of repairing the damage, after contacting the Customer and providing them with sufficient proof of the damage.
11.Guests’ obligations
11.1.Guests are obliged to comply with generally accepted standards of personal manners, especially by avoiding loud behavior that may disturb other guests and by not insulting other guests and the Hotel staff. Guests who do not comply with generally accepted standards of manners may be asked to leave the Hotel by the staff without a refund of the money paid for the reservation.
11.2.Persons under sixteen (16) years of age may use the elevator only under adult supervision.
11.3.Persons under sixteen (16) years of age may only use the swimming pool under the supervision of adults who can swim and are able to provide assistance if necessary.
11.4.Pets are not allowed in the Hotel except for guide dogs.
11.5.Smoking in closed spaces, such as the lobby, restaurant, bar, rooms and corridors, is strictly prohibited at the Hotel. Smoking is allowed in open spaces provided that the smoke does not disturb other Guests.
11.6.Guests can use the refrigerators in the rooms to store drinks. Storing meals in them is not allowed due to the risk of food poisoning.
11.7.Guests who have booked bed and breakfast or a half-board stay may use the buffets in the restaurant during their opening hours. Taking food outside the restaurant is prohibited.
11.8.Guests can use the Wi-Fi connection available in the Hotel free of charge for private purposes that do not violate the law.
11.9.Guests who violate any obligations stipulated within these General Terms and Conditions, particularly as elucidated in articles (11.1) through (11.8), shall, in the first instance, be requested to cease their prohibited behavior. In the event that they persist in non-compliance or engage in recurrent misconduct, or if their actions result in significant disruption of the Hotel’s smooth operation or cause significant nuisance to other Guests, they may be promptly instructed to leave the Hotel without a refund of the money paid for their reservation. The Hotel further reserves the right to recover any remaining amount of the price from the Customer’s pre-authorized credit card. Immediate expulsion may be deemed necessary in the following indicative circumstances, independently of potential claims of the Hotel for compensation of damages:
(a).When a Guest is deemed likely to break the law, especially by engaging in criminal activities or gambling;
(b).When a Guest uses violence, threats, blackmail, or intimidation to make unjust or unreasonable demands against the Hotel or its staff, or is deemed to have engaged in any similar acts in the past;
(c).When a Guest clearly has a contagious disease;
(d).When a Guest is intoxicated, exhibits or has exhibited extremely abnormal behavior that may pose a nuisance to other Guests;
(e).When a Guest conceals the fact that they have reserved a room within the Hotel for the purpose of making a profit, either for themselves or for a third party, by selling goods, etc.;
(f).When a Guest jeopardizes the life, health and safety of other Guests, e.g., by interfering with the Hotel’s firefighting equipment;
(g).When a Guest impersonates the Hotel staff, or performs any act as a result of which they could be mistaken for such;
(h).When a Guest gains unauthorized access to systems or computers of the Hotel;
(i).When a Guest is found removing, defacing, or destroying facilities and/or equipment within the Hotel;
(j).When a Guest engages in acts that infringe or risk infringing on the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights, privacy rights, personal rights, or any other rights of other Guests, Third Parties or the Hotel.
11.10.Guests can use the Hotel’s parking lot, subject to availability. The parking lot is unguarded and the Hotel is not responsible for any damage or theft of cars and other vehicles.
11.11.The Hotel has limited infrastructure for people with disabilities. Guests with disabilities and accompanying persons must be aware that using some of the infrastructure may be very difficult.
11.12.Guests have the right to submit a complaint during their stay at the Hotel’s reception. Only this way of filing a complaint allows the Hotel staff to become immediately aware of the problem and eliminate any inconvenience during the Guests’ stay. The Customer may also submit a complaint after check-out, but no later than six (6) months after the end of the stay. Complaints submitted after this period will not be addressed by the Hotel.
12.Housekeeping & access to the rooms
12.1.When a Guest stays in the same room for two or more consecutive nights, housekeeping will be performed at least every second day.
12.2.Even if a request is made stating that housekeeping is not required, housekeeping will be performed at least every two nights to maintain sanitary conditions. However, the Hotel retains the right to clean the rooms at any time if it is deemed reasonable and necessary.
12.3.Rooms may also be entered for requested or imperative maintenance, legal inspections, and emergencies.
13.Children & extra bed policy
All children under 2 (2) years old stay free of charge when using existing beds or children cost/cribs, which are provided upon the request. All children from six (2) to twelve (12) years old are charged 25 % of the room stay per night for extra beds. All older children or adults are charged 50 % of the room stay per night for extra beds. The maximum number of extra beds/children's cots permitted in a room is one (1).
Customers are aware that, at certain times throughout the year, the Hotel may organize or host events, parties, weddings, as well as family or corporate gatherings, all for a limited number of persons. The Hotel shall make sure that there will be no or minimal disturbance of not-participating Guests.
15.Third-Party services
The Hotel allows Third Parties to offer services to its Guests directly or through the Hotel, whose role is limited to sales intermediation only. In both cases, the Hotel has no control over the Third Parties, which are independent companies. Guests may use Third-Party services at their own discretion and risk.
16.Privacy Policy
All issues related to the processing of Customers’ and Guests’ personal data are described in the Privacy Policy.
17.Force majeure and circumstances not attributable to the Hotel
The Hotel accepts no liability and shall not pay any compensation where the performance of its obligations is prevented or affected directly or indirectly by force majeure or any circumstances not attributable to the Hotel. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, flood, earthquake, extreme adverse weather conditions, natural disasters, other acts of God, acts of terrorism, strikes, fire or failure of electric power, water, communications or other utility services, machinery, computers, vehicles, any collapse of building structures, unforeseen legislative developments hindering the performance of the Hotel’s obligations, as well as the occurrence of epidemics like COVID-19 or any other infectious disease that may or may not lead to the simultaneous implementation of public health protective measures.
18.Good faith negotiation
The Hotel and Customer shall negotiate in good faith to resolve any problems arising in connection with their Contract that cannot be resolved under its terms.